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What is it?

The course sequence covers each major component of God’s historic “show-and-tell” program recorded in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. You will discover—perhaps for the first time—the powerful implications of this revelation for every area of your life.

Why This Course?

To grow beyond all-too-common unbiblical views of the Bible. One popular view is that the Bible is fine for the inner spiritual life but must not be taken seriously in historical, scientific, or political matters. Another view sees the Bible as a hodgepodge of unrelated literary fragments. This course collides sharply with all such views.

Who is it For?

Christians who want to “connect the dots” in God’s historic work and His information-conveying conversation with us through His Word. Those who want to face the great challenges of life armed with the Truth and a biblical perspective. Those who think it possible that God’s program is coherent, that He clearly communicates it to us and that we were created to think His thoughts after Him.

  • “I have all of Charlie's messages and have gone completely through the Framework once—and have repeated many messages again. I have also gone through Deuteronomy twice and repeated some messages multiple times (I'm writing children's book on the exodus and wilderness wandering period). I've gone through both of his 1John series three times. And have listened to everything of his that I could find on line. Charlie's teaching has changed how I study and read the Bible—I am so grateful! My desire has been (since 1968 when I became a believer) to know God personally. Organized church did not do it for me ... I found Charlie's teaching in 2016. Charlie's ministry has added so much to understanding of who God is and what His purposes are.

    Charlie's Deuteronomy series inspired me to write a book for my 7 year old granddaughter. She loves ancient history and I wanted her understand how idolatry influenced Moses' writing. She is now 8.5 and I am nowhere near finished but what a learning process this has been!

    I listen to Charlie's teaching while I do dishes and other chores around the house ... Also, as I listen, I get ideas for things to write about when I finish my current book. I want to take Charlie's teaching and write a series of devotionals that will condense parts of it into bite sized pieces—probably for older children and adults.

    I've been frustrated with the state of the organized church for my entire Christian life (about 50 years)—many of those years I just stayed away from church because it actually caused confusion in my ability to truly see God as He is and to understand the Scriptures properly. I recently started going to a church near me seeking for fellowship with other women. Ugh! It seems that celebrity Christianity rules the day in all their women's study groups!

    May I say again how grateful I am for Charlie and your team? I hope you can pass my gratitude on to them. Thank you!!”

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  • “I am half way through the Framework series and it is simply fantastic—every Christian should hear this.”